Learning and Development at
BNP Paribas India Solutions - A Vision of Your Future
BNP Paribas India Solutions believes that employee development is an investment in the organization's future. It is essential to ensure that we continue working effectively with our clients and with each other. In line with this, BNP Paribas India Solutions is committed to ensuring that employees continuously grow and improve.

We encourage employees to acquire new skills, upgrade existing skills and apply them on the job. We support each employee's ongoing professional and personal development through a variety of learning options throughout his/her career.

Professional Development

At BNP Paribas India Solutions, you will experience a journey of continuous growth and development. This will help you build the professionalism to successfully perform in your role and progress in your career.

Professional development is not only about attending training programs; it goes beyond the classroom. It begins with a discussion between you and your manager. You will explore areas of strength and areas for development, set performance expectations and create a career development plan. Development is matched to your specific needs, achieved through a combination of on-the-job training, formal learning and self-development.

Online Learning

Going beyond the traditional classroom training, BNP Paribas India Solutions provides you access to global e-learning modules, tools, and resources through My Development, our learning portal. Unlimited access to functional modules, videos and curriculum is what defines our Learning Management System.

External Training

We encourage you to take up further studies to accelerate your growth within the organization. Our Continuing Education Policy (CEP) supports technical certifications, post-graduate courses and language classes, providing opportunities aplenty for your personal growth.
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